Hajj The Fifth Pillar Of Islam

Hajj The Fifth Pillar Of Islam

Hajj is the journey to the heavenly city of Mecca amid the Islamic Holy month of Dhul Hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and ought to be performed by all physically fit Muslims and those with the monetary capacity to do at least once in a lifetime.

The Hajj journey is performed each year by a large number of Muslims from several distinct nations and foundations. Muslims first get Hajj Packages 2019 and go from all around the globe to make this Pilgrimage. Muslims who finish the custom is generally given the title of Hajis(for guys) and Hajjat(for females).

Hajj as a custom is expected to advance a feeling of fellowship and harmony between Muslims from various walks of life through demonstrating to them that they are all from one God and that all are equivalent before Him.

Islam shows that for one who effectively finishes the Hajj and has it acknowledged by Allah, Allah excuses every one of his wrongdoings and he or she leaves the journey immaculate like an infant. The Prophet(PBUH) is accounted for to have stated:

“Whoever performs Hajj for Allah and does not articulate any foul discourse or do any bad deed, will go back (free of wrongdoing) as his mom bore him.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


Muslims are required to enter Mecca in a state of purity known as Ihram. Ihram is a consecrated state in which Muslims offer specific ceremonies to purge themselves and wear a particular sort of clothing in order of doing the journey. Muslims should finish the state of ihram by pronouncing a goal to offer the journey which is known as Talbiya.

Once in the state of Ihram, pilgrims are not permitted to trim their nails or shave their hair or hunt any creatures until the point when they are out of the state of Ihram.

males should wear two stitchless clothes and wrap them around their bodies. Utilization of fragrances is likewise forbidden.

Ladies are permitted to wear their normal garments and shouldn’t cover their face and hands. The garments worn by ladies ought to totally cover their bodies.

Amid the journey, Muslims are additionally not permitted to smoke, take part in any sexual activity, or utilize any swear words. Pilgrims are required to be on their best conduct to have their journey acknowledged by the Almighty Allah.

Dissimilar to in mosques and in other Muslim social events, men and females are not isolated from each amid the journey and they implore together in similar lines. This is to remind Muslims that they will stand next to each other upon the arrival of judgment regardless of their gender, waiting for the judgment of their Lord.

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Hajj begins on the eighth day of Dhul Hijja and closures on the thirteenth day of the sacred month of Dhul Hijja. Amid the journey, Muslims visit sacred places outside Mecca that include: Mina, Arafah and Muzidalifah.

The customs include circumnavigating around the Kaaba seven times, walking or running between the little slopes of Marwa and Safa seven times and tossing stones at pillars in Mina among various different rituals performed.

The finish of the Hajj journey is set apart by a festival known as Eid Al-Azhar. On this celebration, Muslims sacrifice animals to remember the occasion in which Allah ordered Ibrahim to sacrifice his child Ishmael however later sent a sheep which was sacrificed instead of his child.

Muslims from every corner of the world has great devotion with Hajj as it is the fifth pillar of Islam. There are many hadiths about Hajj which clears its importance. So, If you are capable of performing Hajj then start preparation from today as many companies offer Hajj packages, Ramadan Umrah Packages and Umrah packages so that you can perform these sacred journeys easily.


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